“Our sales began to grow - we needed data faster. Automation allowed us to focus on growth, not data entry. ”

CFO - Appliance Drop Shipper

Risk Reporting

Protect Your Customers and Your Company

Gain Visibility and Control

Static and Dynamic forensic analysis of your applications - isolating traffic, third party source code and metadata. AI-driven anomaly detection associates disparate data to deliver actionable remediation plans.

Industry-first side by side Event Capture illustrates user usage paired with network activity.

Data Privacy and Risk Assessments

Feel confident in your application and technology footprint. Assure Executives, Investors, Regulators, Compliance Professionals and respond to Inquiries or Investigations.

Digitize DATA to Automate

No Code User Defined Workflows and Data Extractors

Admin Team

Alleviate your team from data entry and have them focus on value add analysis.


HIPAA compliant, feel confident in liberating information from millions of documents to create value for patients, payers, providers and PBMs

Financial Services

Insurance and Lending is ripe with approval processes that source data from documents

Custom Data Sources

Users can define custom data sources that allow for automation of industry specific or proprietary document formats.

Automation is not just about speed and efficiency. It's also about reducing risk and improving quality"

Transform the way you think about business processes and pursue opportunities

Customer Onboarding

Onboarding can include handwritten forms and notes.

Fill in missing characters with a high level of precision. Tax documents, patient intake, or government forms are easily transformed into digital, usable data.

Compliance and regulatory reporting

AI in heavily regulated industries helps codify the processing of sensitive documents.
Automate Know-Your-Customer checks like:
Proof of residence, Utility Bills, Articles of Incorporation, Proof of income, Signatory

Public Sector

Easily extract relevant data from government-related forms such as small business loans, federal tax forms, and business applications with a high degree of accuracy.

Customize AI and ML workflows to support your business

Visibility and Reporting

Keep your teams informed and integrated into the loop. Route across your RACI matrix so stakeholders can Approve, Manually Review, and be notified across each step of the flow.

Process Standard Document Types

AI out of the box suport for:
Invoices, Receipts, Paystubs, Bank Statements, W-2s, Loan Application, Mortgage Notes, Claims Documents, Insurance Cards, IDs and many more

User Defined Document Templates

We enable users to draw and define data extraction templates on top of their documents. No code easy to navigate interface allows for complete flexibility for your team to drive our AI.

Digitize and Automate

Integration Across your Organization

User led AI

Cross Cloud


Intelligent Analytics

Security First

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